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Alien soldier Yalalia finds herself caught up in a conflict of moral and physical standings with a group of soldiers from Earth. Her integrity is tested to the limit as she desperately attempts to maintain peace at all costs.

What's It About?


Played by Michelle Fahrenheim

Yalalia is a reluctant soldier from a faraway planet. The fate of her homeland rests on the acquisition of water, of which she is sent to Earth to retrieve with her fellow soldiers. Yalalia only encounters hostility in the form of combat when she arrives. She is overwhelmingly extroverted and simply can't fathom the inability for her enemies to break military protocol and seek peace at all costs. She gives absolutely everything she;s got to avoid conflict, but is ultimately given no choice when the scenario results in a mass fight. Yalalia always argues to stop fighting and savour life, because, Human or Kaloepean, Yalalia knows deep down they are one and the same.


As the leader of the soldiers, Shade is ultimately a man who has made decisions in his life he feels are necessary or reactive to the here-and-now. He doesn’t like Yalalia’s questioning of his intent, as he is very much his own man and doesn’t like intrusion of any sort. However, there are glimpses of sadness and possibly regret in Shade’s actions towards Yalalia. Shade is an open book of suppression and one could argue the mission with Yalalia is just another seemingly robotic reaction - a foxhunt by his platoon, but what is really under the surface and will we ever find out?

Captain Shade
Played by Oliver Park


Wise is Shade's 2nd in command and a very competent and focussed individual. Driven by the mission, she does what she has to. What she loses in personality she makes up for in determination. A natural leader, she is not afraid of anyone and is a real force to be reckoned with. Yalalia struggles to control Wise when the two soldiers lock horns. Ultimately, underneath the mask of war, there rests an emotional, vulnerable woman.


Sergeant Wise
Played by Claire Cartwright


Keep is a lumbering giant of a man, his physical strength and tenacity his most potent weapon. Naivety and being heavy-handed in any given situation have made his superiors wary. Keep has a medical condition which, sadly, has been mis-diagnosed by the squad's medical tea, making him unpredictable and a thread to his own team. To his enemies, they receive his rules and lack of regulations in very quick and blunt terms.

Corporal Keep
Played by James Ballanger


Lethalis in name, lethal in practice, Lethalis is possibly the most unique member of Shade’s “Black 11” squad, namely because of her Latina ethnicity and her reasoning for joining the platoon. Initially quiet, she reserved her focus purely to impress both superiors. She speaks mainly with actions but sometimes has an issue dealing with a more disciplined approach to the army, something maybe lacking from her native forces’ ethos. As soon as Yalalia makes an appearance, she relishes the personal conflict.

Private Lethalis
Played by Christina Forrest


Gentle is an example of one who retains flaws, but from which stemmed from earlier in his life and career. He has suffered in family relations and ultimately continues to suffer with the pain of war and its consequences. Oddly, Gentle is one of the few members of Shade’s squad that is married and has family commitments and incentives. Despite Gentle’s hypocrisy at times, he means well, but appreciates there is still some way to go to making all the red lights green. Nevertheless, Gentle’s focus right now is by his platoon’s side and dealing with the otherworldly scenario of Yalalia’s emergence.

Private Gentle
Played by Simon Pengelly


Kicker has had an incredibly troublesome childhood, both in a mental and physical capacity and resorts to meeting any threat with physical violence. She treats Yalalia as the enemy Shade presents her to be, but is blind to her sergeant’s advice on how brutal war actually is. Only a moment at the end of the ordeal appears to register between Kicker and Wise that the battle she so much craved minutes earlier really isn’t pleasant at all.

Private Kicker
Played by Georgia Annable


Breeze is generally laid back and quiet, but equally approachable and will office practical advice in most situations. Unfortunately, he is subject to occasional mental breakdowns so can often be an inner battle taking place. That said, Breeze’s heart is in the right place and is used to welcoming all sorts of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Yalalia’s arrival is nothing short of confusing and surreal but knows he must deal with the here and now - Shade’s orders.

Private Breeze
Played by Jordan Dumaurier


Technical Details

Director: Mark Owen
Mark Owen
Principle Cast: Michelle Fahrenheim, Oliver Park, Claire Cartwright

Director of Photography: Paul Dudbridge

Genre: Science Fiction, Action

Released: 2019

Camera: Arri Amira

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Runtime: 15 minutes