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A young woman goes clubbing with some friends, only to get raped as the night closes. Unprepared for the massive effect this has on her, she secludes herself away from friends and family, but desperately tries to find her own way in overcoming the psychological ordeal forced upon her and resume life in normal fashion.

What's It About?


Played by Kelly Wenham

Chloe’s evening out at a nightclub takes a turn for the worse as she is lured into a secluded room and sexually assaulted. Unprepared for this traumatic effect on her, she decides to shut herself out from others until she can find a way of battling through the hurdle. The days seem long and bleak for her as she struggles to conquer her emotions. However, Chloe never bows without a fight and uses her strong character to try to find a way to pull through. Ultimately, she uses her fondness for the beautiful surroundings with which she lives as a source of remedy in her bid to succeed. She attempts to see past her trauma of the previous few days to draw happiness from the picturesque views and seek to continue among society in normal fashion.


Tim is the attacker ending up luring Chloe into a false sense of security in a nightclub. The night has been full of innuendo and general flirtation with the woman, but is all too much for Tim to simply walk away from, when his invitation for her to accompany him home is rejected. As Chloe delivers her response, Tim contemplates the situation momentarily, before his dark side takes over and his sexual frustrations get the better of him. This fulfilled urge is the start of Chloe’s nightmare.

Played by James Stockman


Technical Details

Director: Mark Owen
Principle Cast: Kelly Wenham, James Stockman

Director of Photography: Steven Priovolos

Genre: Drama

Released: 2010

Camera: RED One

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Runtime: 12 minutes