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After a long and heated argument, Della’s boyfriend attempts to kill her. In the middle of the attack, he changes his mind and backs off. As Della catches her breath and turns to confront him, she discovers something truly shocking.

What's It About?


Played by Michelle Fahrenheim

Della comes home from work eager to see her boyfriend, Jonathan. Faced with a stormy look, Della is confronted with a picture, that she'd rather was buried. Trying to explain the trivial nature of the event to Jonathan only falls on deaf ears. Jonathan offers his arms for embrace, or does he? Realising all might not be what it seems, Della has a shocking revelation to endure.

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Jonathan finds a picture of his girlfriend, Della, that puts their relationship in jeopardy. This is a dagger through the heart but Della is just arriving from work. Remaining quiet, he lets her do all the talking. He zones out. She finishes speaking. He hugs her...

Played by Oliver Park


Technical Details

Director: Mark Owen
Mark Owen, Tommy Draper
Principle Cast: Michelle Fahrenheim, Oliver Park

Director of Photography: James Martin MBKS

Genre: Drama

Released: 2016

Camera: Sony F65

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Runtime: 7 minutes